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Elina Hadjinicola

Elina Hadjinicola (b.1997) is a Cypriot artist based in Larnaca, working at a variety of sculptural practices.

Her work focuses on materiality and the stories that each element can best narrate. Through an examination of both human and non-human realms, she confronts spiritual, historical, environmental, and personal narratives. Hadjinicola's work ranges from abstracted ceramic character-like figures to beeswax entities and designs. 

Elina has a BA degree in Fine Arts from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom and currently is a visual arts tutor at Aigaia School of Art, Nicosia, Cyprus.



Selected exhibitions

2024 Purity - (Lefkara, CY)

2023 The fundamental components of the world - The Seed (Limassol, CY)

2023 Home away from home - Laraca Biennale (Larnaca, CY)

2023 Bio Design Festival in Larnaca Biennale - Zouhouri (Larnaca, CY)

2022 The fragility of being - Larnaca Municipal Gallery (Larnaca, CY)

2021 Material matters - Bioarts Lab part of Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NL)

2020 Apprentice Master Expo, TAC - (Eindhoven, NL)

2020 Being Alone Together, Kunstpodium T -  (Tilburg, NL)

2019 Landing in the Pantheon, Surface Gallery (Nottingham, UK)


2023 Award of Excellence Larnaca Biennale

2022 First prize winner - Ceramics Association of Cyprus


2022 Youth Makerspace Larnaca 

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